Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

What you will learn:

  • The PDCA process
  • Different types of problem solving tools such as Pareto charts, Cause and Effect diagrams, 5-Why technique, and Error Proofing
  • How to properly conduct an investigation after a problem occurs using the 5W2H process
  • How to properly develop a problem definition statement
  • How to determine immediate countermeasures
  • How to construct a cause and effect diagram
  • The difference between symptoms and primary factors
  • How to properly construct a 5-Why analysis to determine the root cause
  • How to identify permanent countermeasures
  • How to ensure the permanent countermeasures fixed the problem
  • How to properly follow-up to ensure the solution fixed the problem
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The focus of this course is to review and give participants the basic concepts of problem solving and root cause analysis.  The course is designed to help participants understand the PDCA process and how it is used to define the problem, analyze the problem, develop a plan to fix the problem, and implement the solution and conduct proper follow-up.   The course will focus on the 5W2H process for problem investigation, use of cause and effect diagrams, 5-Why techniques and how to determine root cause and to develop permanent countermeasures that address the root cause.  In addition, the participants will learn the different sources of variation and how to use cause and effect logic to validate the problem analysis was done properly.   Participates will apply the principles to hands on exercises to reinforce the learning.


Module 1:

  • Introduction to problem solving and root cause analysis
  • Introduction to PDCA cycle
  • Using 5W2H process for problem investigation
  • Identifying immediate countermeasures
  • Creating a problem definition statement

Module 2:

  • Construction the cause and effect diagram and primary factors
  • Performing a 5-Why analysis
  • Determining root cause
  • Identifying permanent countermeasures

Module 3:

  • Implementing permanent countermeasures
  • Checking the solution solves the problem
  • Standardizing the improvement
  • Establishing controls to sustain the gains


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