Hand ShakeOne objective of every organization should be the need to constantly strive to exceed customer expectations.  As Dr.  W. Edwards Deming outlined in his 14 points for management, with the objective of significantly improving the effectiveness of a business or organization, the organization should create a constancy of purpose towards improvement of products and services.  One of the ways to accomplish this objective is to create processes that are both repeatable and reproducible, in addition to, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

In our approach, the first step is to create a stable and capable delivery system that is designed to meet customer demand and expectations.   The delivery system must be able to satisfy the quality requirements of the customer, the quantity desired by the customer (if applicable), within the lead-time expectation of the customer.  If these criteria are not met at a minimum of 95% of the time, the delivery system is not considered to be capable.  Creating a stable and capable delivery system will improve customer satisfaction and, in many cases customer demand, especially if the significant competitors are failing to do the same.

The second step in our approach is to establish a culture of continuous improvement  that will put the systems and accountability processes in place to sustain the stable and capable delivery system as demand begins to increase. Creating a stable and capable delivery system is difficult, but to establish a system where stability and capability are sustained when customer demand is increasing is extremely difficult.