Operational Excellence Workshop

What you will learn:

  • The necessary conditions to creating a high performing organization
  • The role of Leadership and Customer Focus in achieving Operational Excellence
  • How to identify and create a strategy to achieve a decisive competitive advantage in your market(s)
  • The importance of measurement and how to establish the right measurements to induce the right behaviors that support the Operational Excellence strategy
  • How to create a stable and capable delivery system and the why it is important to achieve before starting continuous improvement
  • How to identify continuous improvement initiatives and how to tie them to the Operational Excellence strategy
  • How to expose hidden capacity and how to achieve a 20-25% improvement in productivity with the current workforce
  • How to engage employees and how to create a continuous improvement culture


Is your organization looking for ways to achieve improved performance?

If so, this one day, highly interactive Operational Excellence workshop that will outline the steps to become a high performing organization.

In today’s economy, companies must progress from strategy to sustainability at an accelerated rate to remain competitive and to differentiate itself from its competition.

This workshop will define the necessary conditions to:

  1. Define and establish a clear and executable Operational Excellence strategy,
  2. Define the appropriate performance metrics that align with the strategy,
  3. Identify the right solutions to achieve superior performance by defining what to change and what to change to, and
  4. Develop an implementation plan that will define the transition plan to move the organization to the desired future state.

This workshop focuses on achieving breakthrough results by creating alignment throughout the organization by focusing on the significant needs of the customer and aligning all functions within the organization to satisfying those needs to the extent no significant competitor can.  Therefore, Operational Excellence requires input and buy-in from all functions within the organization including Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Operations, Engineering, Procurement, Human Resources, Finance, and Leadership.

About the Instructor:

Max Krug provides operational excellence services expertise to organizations with the primary objective of improving financial and operational performance.

Max has 30 years of experience in operations, and his range of expertise and experience includes manufacturing operations, distribution, and project management environments.  His expertise is assisting organizations achieve Operational Excellence by utilizing Theory of Constraints, Lean Management, and Six Sigma methods. He works with companies to develop corporate strategy and provides hands-on implementation support of the tactics required to achieve Operational Excellence utilizing these techniques.

Max holds several certifications in Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma in addition to a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Alfred University and a MBA from St. Bonaventure University.


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